All In A Day At ECDC . . .

 Children in our infant/toddler program have many opportunities to learn in well thought out play areas, and during small group and one-on-one activities designed for our youngest learners.

Our preschool program for children ages three through five builds upon the same learning model by adding additional opportunities to fine tune school readiness skills needed for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Following is an in-depth description of what we hope to accomplish with each child at ECDC, our curriculum and how we reach those goals.

Learning Goals

1. To provide a warm and supportive atmosphere in which children know that they are secure and accepted. This enables them to grow in self-confidence and independence, and to choose and think things through for themselves.

2. To share the story of Jesus the Savior with each child, thereby bringing each one to a greater understanding of and love for God, who has given us all things.  To accomplish this objective, prayers and hymns are taught, Bible verses are learned, and stories about Jesus are told.

3. To develop large and small muscle skills through various activities.

4. To provide a climate in which children can grow in their ability to live happily with others.  This includes sharing, learning respect for others, obeying rules and limitations, as well as understanding their own feelings and developing empathy for others.

5. To teach children about God’s natural world and everyday familiar things, and to acquaint them with various resources (i.e. people, places, books, etc.).

6. To teach children language arts and number concepts, and to stimulate individual curiosity.


The curriculum of the Grace Early Childhood Development Center is activity based in order to help children reach their God-given potential. The monthly curriculum guides (Themes and Concepts, and Bible Stories), and the Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards: Birth through 60 Months comprise the curriculum. The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Two’s, the Creative Curriculum for Preschool, and the Concordia Curriculum Guide also serve as a guide for the curriculum framework.

For more information on Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards: Birth through 60 Months you may follow this link:

Following is a partial list of activities integrated into the total curriculum at Grace Lutheran ECDC (please remember activities are based on age appropriateness and allow for progression):

  • daily lessons — Using a play-based curriculum children progressively explore basic concepts and then fine tune school readiness skills.   In addition, a variety of religious activities, including Bible Stories and Jesus Time (daily worship), provide daily opportunities for children to learn of the unconditional love of Jesus.
  • art — It’s the process, not the finished product that counts.  Children are given the opportunity to explore and experiment with many media.    
  •  language arts — Children learn about letters and words, both written and spoken.
  •  manipulatives — Small-muscle and hand-eye coordination are the focus.
  • discovery — Children explore by touching, smelling, seeing, hearing, feeling, and manipulating things related to the daily or weekly theme.
  •  play – indoors and out — Providing opportunity for growth in gross motor skill development and imaginative play.  During inclement weather, children use the Fellowship Hall for indoor activities.
  •  housekeeping, blocks, music and movement, science and nature, library, computer/iPad, and  special monthly centers are available throughout the year.
  • And there is even more as children participate in weekly chapel services conducted by the Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church; learn sign language (nursery), enjoy monthly field trips (older classes) and special activities to enhance learning; attend swim lessons (older classes); and just have fun playing and interacting with children their own age and caring adults!

Ages and Stages Developmental Assessment

Ages and Stages is a reliable and valid, nationally-recognized assessment tool for children from birth through age six.

Parents are given an age-appropriate Ages and Stages developmental questionnaire to complete upon enrollment.  This helps teachers determine where the child is on the developmental continuum as they work to help foster his or her growth.  Teachers then continue to document each child’s progress through Ages and Stages and developmental portfolios, which are shared at parent/teacher conferences in November and June.

ECDC Child: Adult Ratios

Infant - 3:1 (Nursery/Woddler)

Toddler - 4:1 (Freshman/Sophomore

Preschool - 7:1 (Junior/Senior)

ECDC Daily Schedule

Nursery (PDF)

Woddler Class (PDF)

Freshman Class (PDF)

Sophomore Class (PDF)

Junior/Senior Class (PDF)